Your innovation partner.

Spry is a full service technical partner that combines 15 years of user interface and development experience to build functional, engaging websites and apps for mobile and tablets. We handle everything from concept to development to integration and training.

Clients include national brands like Intel and Toshiba as well as small businesses and start-ups in Waterloo, Toronto, Windsor, Detroit, Chicago, Paris and New York.

Nine principles we live by.

  1. Fully understand each client's needs.
  2. Be accountable to each task.
  3. When designing, push the boundaries.
  4. If it does not exist, build it.
  5. Be on time, every time.
  1. Educate and inform when possible.
  2. Don't fear new technologies, embrace them.
  3. Fulfill every step in the development process.
  4. Be open, honest and transparent at all times.

A dynamic team.

Our people make the company. They bring experience, insight, fresh ideas and passion. We demand high quality work but provide a fun and flexible culture with unlimited sick days and flex time.